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We believe that everyone deserves a safe place to call home. That's why all of
Building Futures' programs and services prioritize linking our clients with housing.


The 2011 Homeless Count and Survey estimates that 4,178 people are homeless in Alameda County. The ongoing economic crunch and our region’s high unemployment and mortgage foreclosures rates – as well as slashed public funding for social services – mean that burgeoning numbers are turning to us for help.

Building Futures focuses its homeless services and programs on the women and children who make up an increasing proportion of the homeless population in Alameda County. We operate two emergency shelters for homeless women and children, the 30-bed San Leandro Shelter and the 25-bed Midway Shelter in Alameda, with case management and other support services to assist women in resolving housing barriers and in finding permanent solutions to their homelessness.

More than 60 percent of the women in Building Futuresí homeless shelters have experienced family violence, the primary reason for homelessness for women, at some point in their lives. Those in the most immediate danger are referred to Sister Me Home, our safe house shelter, or other domestic violence shelters.

Each year Building Futures assists more than 700 women and children move from homelessness to housing. Several hundred more women and children are served through our 24-hour crisis line, domestic violence outreach services, and our Housing Assistance Programs.

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